Web Design

Web Design


The Haywood Foundation is a charity that aims to improve the wellbeing of local people with arthritis and related conditions by promoting and funding local research within the field of rheumatology. We created a fully responsive website for the optimum user experience. The site features a multi-level CSS-driven (100% accessible) drop down navigation menu. The website is hosted on our servers and is maintained and updated free of charge.

Haywood Foundation website

Visit website: haywoodfoundation.uk



The goal of POLKA (Pollution Know-how and Abatement) is to solve technical problems which are unique to hydrogen combustion: thermoacoustic instabilities and flashback. The layout and interface of this website were based on their previous TANGO website. The website includes a private members area and a custom CMS to enable the client to maintain aspects of the members area.

POLKA website

Visit website: polka-eu.org



The National Prescribing Centre (NPC) helped healthcare organisations to deliver safe and cost-effective medicines use for patients and the public. We built the National Prescribing Centre's (NPC) website consisting of several thousand pages. We also delivered several Web applications including the 'Controlled drugs' and 'Local decision-making' systems. These websites are no longer available since the NPC was amalgamated into NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).

NPC website



The ReValuing Care Research Network is developing an international, interdisciplinary network of academics and related third sector professionals working together to interrogate contemporary and future approaches to conceptual and normative understandings of care. This website was built using WordPress and associated plugins. The client maintains the website themselves using WordPress.

Revaluing website

Visit website: revaluingcare.net



Julie Lancaster is an author who has just written her debut novel called the The Weight of Small Things, which is published by Mirror Books.

Julie Lancaster Author

Visit website: julielancaster.co.uk