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Support for health professionals

The Haywood Foundation provides support for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals in two main ways:
1) Educational bursaries

2) Grants for undertaking research projects, attending conferences and study days


Educational Bursaries

Pat Grimsley was an inspirational fund raiser for the Haywood Foundation and despite having an aggressive form of arthritis painted a vast number of pictures which raised funds for the Foundation over many years. When Pat died the Pat Grimsley Educational Bursaries were set up to honour Pat's contribution to the Haywood Foundation. The bursaries are to support rheumatology nurses and allied health professionals to develop their knowledge and skills by undertaking a rheumatology related course at Keele University. To date (2014) 27 bursaries have been awarded.


Providing grants for research projects or for attending conferences or study days


Grants are available for nurses, allied health professionals and doctors to support a rheumatology related research project or to attend a conference. Previous grants have enabled a radiographer to attend an Osteoporosis conference and funded a project to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of a nurse led annual assessment clinic for patients with rheumatoid arthritis.


Application for bursaries and the grants can be obtained from Kathryn Jones (academic secretary) at: Kathryn.Jones2@ssotp.nhs.uk


Recent Support Projects


Read about Funding awarded from the Haywood Foundation in 2017 (PDF 48k)

Read about Pam Smith's MPhil Research Project which was supported by The Haywood Foundation (PDF 224k).